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Strangely enough, the movie that led us to create this website was The Da Vinci Code. From there, we started getting more and more interested in Tom Hanks’s career, watching or discovering for the first time his classics and his less known movies. When we realized that not a single website was dedicated to Tom Hanks, we decided to do it ourselves. We tackled an important work of research and gathering of resources and information realizing a bit more every day the amount of work ahead of us given his accomplished career. We aimed at making this site the perfect place for someone to find all the necessary information about Tom Hanks’s career and upcoming projects.


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Tom Hanks Online is an unofficial website dedicated to Tom Hanks, made by some fans for fans. The documents (photos, videos..) present on this website are and stay the property of their original owner. There is no copyright infrigement intented. Please contact us before using anything from this website. We are in no way affiliated with Mr. Hanks and any of his representatives.