21: Using Math to Bring Down the House

All fast-paced action thrillers start will something at stake, otherwise, where’s the motivation to really do some crazy things.  Well, that’s what the movie is about and we have the star’s future (education) at stake. The movie 21 was released to mixed reviews in 2008; however, it performed well at the box offices. It was also […]

The Ladykillers Review: A movie With A Twist

The 2004 Ladykillers is a remake of three 1955 movies of the same title. Alec Guinness, the leading star of the 1955 version, was so inspiring and loving that it was almost impossible to separate the character from his role. The 2004 remake, however, is more of a trying-to-be-funny and ending up not being funny […]

Upcoming Movies of 2019

The year 2019 is really promising to be one that will be exciting for lots of movie fans as some thrilling films have already been scheduled to be released within such period. This means that if you are a movie fan, you may have to ensure you are staying glued to your television to discover […]